Instrumentation Equipment

Monitoring projects and obtaining accurate data are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, Geomek collaborates exclusively with world-leading instrumentation suppliers. We can provide everything from groundwater lowering, sheet pile wall monitoring with load cells, stability monitoring with inclinometers or extensometers. The systems are available with remote or manual monitoring. Output data can be read manually on-site or presented via a cloud-based visualization service. It all depends on what you need for your project.

We Support Our Customers Every Step of the Way

During a measurement of inclinometer pipes, which we conducted on behalf of one of our clients, one of the pipes showed unusual values. We suspected a malfunction in the pipe in question. The client was facing a reinstallation. To confirm that reinstallation was necessary, we suggested to the client that we film the inside of the pipe to determine what was wrong. The very next day, we were able to confirm that the pipes had twisted relative to each other. This had caused the tracks in the pipes to misalign, which in turn caused the probe to derail. Thanks to the video, the client could easily show and explain the problem to their customer, thereby justifying the need for reinstallation.