The full-service provider of products for drilled foundation works – we are your ‘One-stop-shop.’

Custom solutions for your drilling project

Our experience is that every drilling project is unique, demanding its own unique solution. We therefore do not offer any “complete package.” Instead we go through every project in detail. This lets us source an effective combination of machines and equipment from different providers. This offers you a custom total solution to match your specific needs. Geomek has always used this strategy. Time and again this strategy has been shown to provide the best results.

We collaborate with suppliers from around the world, but only when they can offer the concept best suited for our customer’s needs. These partners and brands include names like Minova, Mitsubishi, Klemm and Bauer.

Anchor Systems
We have what you need for anchor systems
DTH Drilling
We have everything you need for down-the-hole drilling.
Top Hammer Drilling
We deliver all types of drill rods and shank adaptors for top hammer drilling.
Grouting Pumps
Geomek offers grouting pumps from MAI and MAT Obermann
Know-how, highest quality, and continual product development.
Drill Accessories
We have a wide assortment of accessories to DTH drill hammers and top hammer drilling