German engineering customized to Scandinavian conditions.

KLEMM Bohrtechnik GmbH is a global leader in developing and producing complete drilling systems. The company produces most of their products on site in Drolshagen – everything from drill bits and casings to all sizes and models of drilling rigs with rotation units and top hammers. This makes KLEMM a complete provider of drill rigs.

One feature that makes KLEMM unique as a drill rig-manufacturer is that KLEMM develop and manufacture their own drifters and rotary heads. This makes it easier for KLEMM to adapt to new components, development and demands.

KLEMM is known for their robust, innovative designs and a holds the leading edge in technology and methodology development. A drill rig from KLEMM is a guarantee for operating reliability and long-term cost efficiency. We still haven’t found how old a KLEMM-rig can be.

KLEMM is known for fast support and good access to spare parts.

At Geomek, we see our collaboration with KLEMM as a major component in the foundation of our operations. Our work together dates from the 1990s when we made our first contacts with KLEMM. The fact is, KLEMM rigs wouldn’t look the way they do today without our close contact. Our close partnership has lead to the development and continual refinement of these rigs, which has brought changes like mounting a crane, design of the hose ladder, and designing a special sled. 

Part of the BAUER Group since 1998, KLEMM distributes their products through independent resellers and agents who have access to technical engineers from the factory in Germany to help.

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