MAI pump

The MAI pump is a very easy to use pump for mixing cement primarily for grouting when drilling MAI anchors. The pump is connected to water (min. Pressure 2 bar) and electricity. Cement is then added from bags through the top of the equipment. 

When the cement is broken up by the mixer. Water is added through the nozzle. The cement is then pressed into a screw pump to be pumped through a 1” hose to the drilling equipment The water–cement ratio (WCR) – measuring kg of water to kg of cement is adjusted by adding water.

The MAI pump is very easy to unmount for cleaning after finishing work.

Do you want to learn more, contact us:, 070 999 50 12, or browse MAI internationals web page.
MAI Pump m400NT
MAI Stator MP 3L Silver
MAI Rotor MP 3L Silver
MAI Stator MP 4L Green
MAI Rotor MP 4L Green
MAI-Stator MP 8L Orange
MAI-Rotor MP 8L Orange
MAI Stator MP 12L Water wells
MAI Rotor MP 12L Green

MAI pump m400NT technical specification: Pump capacity: 400-2000 i/m Max. pressure 40 bar Electricity: 400 V, 50 Hz, 25A Dimensions: 1730x570x960 mm