Strand anchors - Spantec

Strand anchors in the standard Spantec assortment include 2 – 12 strand anchors, but you can naturally order more strands. Spantec is the only manufacturer to guarantee 100% lubrications in the hoses the strands are in. This ensures no leakage through the strands in any project with high water pressure, thus ensuring corrosion protection.

Spantec has developed a glass fiber anchors which can be coupled together so only the upper portion consists of steel strands. These can be used where you know that sooner or later in the project, the area with the anchors will be excavated.


A newer supplier of ours, Spantec, produces bar and strand anchors, and jacks with accessory equipment. Spantec is part of the Bauer group based in Schrobenhousen Baveria. Like the other subsidiaries in the Bauer group, Spantec is characterised by innovation and demanding high quality ambitions.