Our Philosophy

What do you do to become really good at anything? At Geomek, we think you need to roll up your sleeves and get on the job. Learn what you need, hire good people, and always put the customer first. That’s how we’ve worked all these years.

Our philosophy is to make your work easier, more efficient and less expensive. This applies whether this involves larger infrastructure projects or less extensive environmental geotechnical investigations.

Our fields of operation.

We market system solutions, products, and services within geotechnical investigations and drilled foundations. To supply the aftermarket, we have a fully equipped service organization including both a workshop and field service. We have larger and smaller contractors as customers. With our know-how in the field, we can offer the products and system solutions that best meet our customers’ needs and requirements.

Geomek is based on the concept that we shouldn’t be bound to any single supplier or brand, but rather that we should offer most cost effective product for our customers and their projects. We strive to be a natural partner for both our customers and our suppliers. We strive to create the best possible prerequisites for a successful partnership. We do this by making high demands on ourselves, and the products we sell, in combination with offering our long experience and exceptional competences.

Our history

Geomek operations were initiated in 1995. Over this time the company has shown strong growth with increasing sales. Today, we are owned by the industrial group Indutrade.

Based on our decades-long presence in the industry, we dare say we’ve come pretty far. We have built extensive experience and competences.

Our future

We do a good job but are never satisfied. Every day we learn something new. Every day we are faced with new exciting challenges from all of our customers throughout Scandinavia. That’s what makes our job so interesting, and fun.

We extend a warm welcome to you! Contact us when you want, and we can take a closer look at your ideas, objectives, schedule and budget for your project.