Instrumentation equipment.

Monitoring a project and obtaining correct data is increasingly important. Geomek therefore only collaborates with global leaders in supplying instrumentation. We can deliver everything from groundwater lowering, to monitoring sheet pile walls using strain gage type load cells, and monitoring stability with inclinometers or extensometers. These systems are available with remote or manual monitoring. Output data can be read manually on site or displayed in a cloud-based service. Depending entirely on your project needs.

We help our customers the whole way.

When measuring with an inclinometer, as we did on assignment from a customer, one of the pipes showed unusual values. We suspected faulty function. The customer faced a replacement installation. To confirm that re-installation was necessary, we suggested we could film the inside of the pipe to decide what was wrong. The next day we could determine that the pipes had twisted in relation to each other. This had serrated the grooves in the pipes, which forced the sensor out of place. Because he had this on film, our customer could easily explain to their client why re-installation was necessary.