DTH hammers

We provide every size of DTH hammer* from the smallest at 3” to large dimensions at 20”, and even larger. We keep 3 to 8 inch hammers in stock. Our own Geomek hammer and also Mitsubishi.
Geomek performs service and maintenance, and sells spare parts to the hammers. We help you choose the hammer and accessories you need to optimize your drilling project.

Our own Geomek hammer is a price worthy hammer with low air consumption and relatively high quality.
Mitsubishis DTH hammer is a high-end hammer with excellent performance and an ability to handle a high rate of water in the compressed air.
When drilling with larger dimensions, you should also mount a shock absorber on the hammer to prevent damage to the rotation unit. Ask, and we can determine the best shock absorber for your drilling. 

*DTH = Down The Hole

Art. nr.
Sänkborrhammare G3 DHD 3.5
Sänkborrhammare G4 DHD340
Sänkborrhammare G5 DHD350
Sänkborrhammare G6 DHD360
Sänkborrhammare G8 DHD380