Ring bit drilling system - Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi drilling systems are easy to use high quality products. Geomek provides drilling systems for the most commonly used dimensions Ø 114.3 – 1016 mm. Naturally, we can help you with any additional special needs.

We try to keep several hundred ring bit sets and a handful pilot bits for the most common dimensions in stock. This way we can fill most emergency orders. We have many years’ experience with these products, so we’re therefore familiar with them and can help with most of the types of problems you may encounter when running DTH drilling. We always try to help with ideas and problem solving when you may need it.

In addition to our extensive warehouse in Spånga, we also keep consignment stocks at Scandia Steel in Lithuania, and SSAB in Finland, where you can have your ring bit sets welded to the casing before delivery.

Why choose Mitsubishi

  • Their high-quality steel offers long-wearing, long life products.
  • More, and larger button bits, that are soldered to the ring on site up to Ø324 mm.
  • The L-system has more reaming
  • The Heavy duty, A-system goes further. 
  • The Eco-system goes far enough.
  • Our in-depth know-how and extensive stock.