All clients and partners!

We would like to offer an update regarding how the Corona (Covid 19)-situation effects us all.

Updated: 20-04-24

First of all – we are open and running as usual!

All of our major suppliers are in full production so for now we haven´t suffered any vital problems keeping our stock filled.

Most of our transports from our suppliers are running as usual, however some of them, mainly from Mitsubishi, has been affected by increased costs. This might force us to adjust prices on the products in question.

There is much turbulence in the foreign exchange market that has a major impact on the euro exchange rate with rapid fluctuations. We follow the course on a daily basis and will need to adjust our prices at short notice. This does not affect orders already placed.

We understand your concern, if you have any questions regarding this please contact us.

We intend to maximize our stock of our best-selling products to provide us – and you – a buffer and ensure delivery security.

We kindly ask you to place your orders well in advance.

How we currently act regarding infectious risks

We follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority and have an active preparedness, in the office and workshop we have implemented some measures to minimize the spread of infection.

  • We don´t travel abroad
  • We keep domestic travels to a minimum
  • We work at home if we can
  • We minimize physical meetings in the office with people from outside
  • We hold all meetings via Skype if possible
  • All Geomek employees check the temperature before going to work.