Geomek drill rigs

To be able to optimize the capacity for drilling casings, Geomek has developed an efficient solution, combining a Klemm mast mounted on a Volvo, excavator base.

This design combines the flexibility and reach of the excavator with the high quality, reliable KLEMM drilling system, the result is a very competent drill rig. The machines are available in several versions to match our customers’ requests and needs. Contact us and we will tell you more.

Several of these machines are in use today all over Scandinavia.  

Two new Geomek G6A for Skanska

Skanska needed two new 6-meter drill rigs for DTH and Top hammer drilling to replace two older machines.

Skanskas demand was for a light, flexible machine, easy to transport. Focus has been on safety and complete CE-certification. The rigs are equipped with safety cage and demolition glass.

  • Excavator: Volvo EC250
  • Mast: KLEMM KA 203-13
  • Rotary head: KLEMM KH-21
  • Drifter: KLEMM KD 1215/1011
  • Range: 4 meters with a ø324 casing
  • Inclination side: +45°/-20°
  • Inclination forth/back: 90°/45°
  • Vikt: ca 33 tons

Delivery inspection and education of the new rig