Bar anchors - Spantec

Bar anchors differ from self-drilling anchor bolts in being solid. So they are not hollow and are installed after the hole is drilled. Similar to MAI anchors, they consist of: Coupling rods, coupling sleeves, anchor plate and locking nut.

Bar anchors can be orderd with double corrosion protection. They are delivered embedded in cement, after installation and grouting they have a double cover of corrosion protection. This makes them more common in permanent structures than the self-drilling anchor bolts. The Spantec bar comes in black steel, galvanized, stainless steel, and double corrosion protection. We have a broad offering of accessories to let you choose what best matches your project needs.


A newer supplier of ours, Spantec, produces bar and strand anchors, and jacks with accessory equipment. Spantec is part of the Bauer group based in Schrobenhousen Bavaria. Like the other subsidiaries in the Bauer group, Spantec characterised by innovation and demanding high quality ambitions.