Environmental Engineering Equipment

PEH pipes are classified for use in the food industry and are often used for environmental geotechnical investigations. The pipes can be combined with screen pipes as filter. We supply pipes and accessories in several dimensions.

We are a complete supplier of consumables for environmental engineering. We can deliver everything from pumps to sampling bags.

We provide only KIWA certified HDPE products for environmental sampling, to ensure your sampling results.

Sand & Bentonite

When conducting environmental investigations, it is important that the material you use meets set requirements. Filtration sand is delivered in bags of set grain size, while bentonite is used to seal sampling pipes. Bentonite is a dried clay, that swells on contact with water to create a sealing screen around the pipe. Bentonite is available in powder, pellets, and granular form.


Bailers are used in environmental sampling of water. We provide bailers of various material in a selection of dimensions and lengths, disposable bailers are the most common type.