MAI Self-drilling anchors

Why choose MAI anchor bolts?

  • High, even quality with full traceability, NTA and CE marking if you request.
  • The best rock drill bits on the market offer fewer problems and faster production.
  • Our stock and technical support.

Minova MAI

“The MAI anchors offers better transmission of the percussion energy to the bit that all other self-drilling anchor bolts. You can hear this during operation, and see it driving down. Unlike other types of anchor bolts, the threads do not deform during hard drilling. Others may have equivalent designs on their rock bits, they can handle 8 metres of rock, but that’s all. The MAI bits from Mitsubishi runs much longer.”

Caleb Thomsen, Top Drill.

Minova background

Geomek began our collaboration with Minova in 1999. Today, Minova is one of our three primary suppliers for foundations, along with Klemm and Mitsubishi. This is based on the reliable, high quality products from Minova, and a very close and productive collaboration to ensure timely delivery, and a drill bit from Mitsubishi.  

Minova is located in Feistritz an der Drau, Austria, where they have produced SDAs for over 40 years. Today, Minova is a leading producer of self-drilling anchors made with everything from regular black steel to hot-dipped galvanized, epoxy coated, designed for permanent structures. The Minova anchors have received National Technical Approval in Germany, and in 2019 they are also approved for 120 year lifespans by ‘expert opinion.’ Every batch the factory produces undergoes tensile testing to failure and we provide the test report relating to your delivery when asked. You can also order CE certified anchors.

Since Geomek began to sell MAI anchors, the system functioned well as a unit, but we quickly found that the Minova drill bits (designed for central European conditions) didn’t always manage our Scandinavian rock. We took care of this problem by having Mitsubishi develop a pin drill bit for MAI anchors. The rock bit that Mitsubishi developed turned into a genuine success, which is the reason MAI anchors are the SDA system the most preferred for drilling in difficult conditions.